WordPress Posts vs Pages

WordPress Posts vs Pages

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Today we will explore the WordPress Posts and Pages section.

In this section we will discuss about the differences between Post and Page in the WordPress and in further articles, we will learn about, like, how to create posts, pages. Also how to add images and links in posts and pages.

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So lets start…..

When you land on the Dashboard after login in the WordPress admin. You see a left menu bar. In this menu you will see a menu item “Posts” just below “Home” menu item.

Also as you have seen in the image, after “Media” there is an another section named as “Pages“. Both Posts and pages are very important sections of WordPress which keeps the website data and are responsible to get more users.

These both sections are used for creating/adding content for your WordPress site. Here you have the option to choose between creating either a post or page depending upon your requirements as both content types have their respective uses and are used for adding dynamic elements to your website. First of all, lets discuss about post.

WordPress Posts

Posts are content entries listed in reverse chronological order on your website homepage or on the posts page. Post are written on a regular schedule and these are very helpful to keep your website fresh with new content.
Posts can be categorized and also can assign tags to the posts. Categories and tags are very helpful to keep your posts well arranged and also helps end user to find data which they need.

  • Posts are generally news/informational about a particular topic. It can be educational, social and/or current affair depending upon the niche of your blog.
  • Posts are always listed in descending order as per timing of published i.e. recently published post will displayed on the top. Posts can be tagged, categorized and even archived on your website.
  • WordPress posts are used to make up the RSS content of your WordPress blog. Like if someone subscribes to your RSS feed, your posts is the content that will be delivered to them.
  • Posts are the key element of your WordPress blog. And you keep your users engaged with your website by constantly changing the content.

WordPress Pages

Page also similar to the post as they also have title and body text but these can not be categorized. These are static part of your website and does not updates regularly. Pages are that don’t change unless they are edited. Examples of your pages would be: About, Disclaimer and Contact Us etc.

Note: Every page can be assigned a different page template as per need.

  • Pages are generally used for static content or information on your website e.g. About or Contact Us page.
  • Pages are not listed by date and can not be categorized or tagged like WordPress posts.
  • Pages always have a hierarchy, means you can put pages under other pages by assigning by using “parent”. Parent is a drop down in the page section which contains all pages list of your website.
  • Due to their static nature, pages do not include in RSS feeds.

Posts vs. Pages (Key Differences)

Below are main differences, we have listed so that you can understand. There are many plugins available to extend the functionality of both content types.

Key differences by default:

  • Posts are timely vs. Pages are timeless.
  • Posts are social vs. Pages are NOT.
  • Posts can be categorized vs. Pages are hierarchical.
  • Posts are included in RSS feed vs. Pages are not.
  • Pages have custom template feature vs. Posts do not.

How many Posts/Page can I have?

You can create any number of pasts/page as per your need and there is no limitation on how many you can have.

Can post also have a different template for different posts like pages?

No, post does not have this feature by default.
Hope this explains you enough about Posts and Page. Also does clear the key difference.
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