What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing

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Friends today we will discuss one another method to make money online.

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Hope everybody will be curious to know that method. So friends that effective method is “Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate Marketing is an effective and very old money making technique. But only a handful people knows about this technique and most of people even don’t know about this popular method called as “Affiliate Marketing“. In this article, we will discuss about all the basics of affiliate marketing and details you need to know to understand “What is affiliate marketing and how it works“.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest method/technique to make money where you refer a product of any company/person to someone via providing some links which contains your reference code and when any consumer buys that product you receive commission.


Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by recommending or marketing other people’s/company’s products.

This commission can vary from $1 to $10,000 depending upon the product and company.


Process Explanation:

1- Consumer thinks about to purchase an item/product and he/she searches for the product.
2- After search, online shopper lands on the affiliate site.
3- Now from here consumer gets redirected to the Merchant site for final checkout. Here consumer makes payment to the Merchant and Merchant delivers the product to the Consumer.
4- After successful purchase by Consumer, the merchant rewards the affiliate for his efforts based on the predefined rates of commission.

Here in the process, We used 3 terms.

The Merchant: This is the party that manufactures the product. It can be any company or person.

The Consumer: This is the end user who consumes the product.

The Affiliate: This is the middle party who recommend the product of the Merchant and on behalf of that, the merchant rewards affiliate on successful purchase.

So by explaining all about affiliate, it is clear that to make money online you need to be an Affiliate.

What need to be an Affiliate and who can become an Affiliate?

Friends there is no major requirement to be an affiliate, anyone either a company or person can become an affiliate. You just need to contact the merchant either by registering on their website or by contacting them.

After successful validating your details, merchant provides you a link related to the products. This link/URL contains all necessary information about the product. Now you just have to promote that link from where consumer can purchase the products and you will get commission, obviously on successful purchase 🙂

Now the next and most common question is how merchant keep the record from where the traffic is generating and making the sales.

Friends as i told you above, merchant provides a link to the affiliate. This URL/link is always unique, means the link provided to an affiliate regarding a product will not be same provided to another affiliate which is also promoting the same product. This URL also contains your reference. This reference is used to track all the records of traffic and sales you are making via your website or other promotional methods.

Some popular merchants who provide these kind of URLs are below-

Amazon and many more..

You just need to do some research as per current market.

Affiliate Marketing :: Some Common Questions

Now i am sure, you have got all basic knowledge about the affiliate marketing like what is affiliate marketing and how it works.

Now i will try to answer some of the common question asked by marketers.

Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No. Not at all, it is neither harmful nor illegal. You just simply providing a link to the consumer to shop online having the merchant consent. So you are not violating any terms or policy.

Can we use both – Affiliate marketing and AdSense.

Yeah sure, you can use both at same time as affiliate marketing does not violate any Adsense Terms and conditions.

Is it mandatory to have website for affiliate promotion?

No it is not mandatory to have a website but it is always good to have one. This is best and efficient method to promote a product.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

There is no money required to join an affiliate program, not a single penny.

But but but….

For promotion of the product you need money which varies depending upon the technique you are using. e.g, a blog post costs you nothing, but for PPC marketing, email marketing, and advertising you have to pay.

What certification/qualification do you need to become an affiliate marketer?

Hurrey. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer as there is no certification/qualification need to become an affiliate marketer.

How much money i can one earn from affiliate marketing?

Friends there is no limit of money you can earn from affiliate programs. Its totally depend on the product you are promoting and what techniques you are using to promote that product.

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