Using the WordPress Admin Bar

Using the WordPress Admin Bar

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Today in this blog/article, we will discuss about the WordPress Admin Bar or can say toolbar. The WordPress admin bar is a section through which you can access the backend controls while working/navigating the website at the frontend of your WordPress website.

Using the WordPress Admin Bar

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The WordPress Admin Bar is the dark grey sticky bar that you can see at the very top of your WordPress website. This bar is only visible when you are logged into your WordPress website as an admin.

On the very left of the WordPress bar, you will see the WordPress logo. If you hover over that logo, you will see a list of all links related to the WordPress specific information. These all are the very important quick-links if you need to go through the WordPress documentation.

To the right of the WordPress logo, you will see the name of your WordPress website. Hover over this name and you will see a submenu containing of menu items (like Dashboard, Themes, Widgets and Menu etc.) to visit the front end of your WordPress website. By this section you can decide how your WordPress website will look like.

The next section “Customize” where you can customize you theme like change color, change image, upload image and many more.

Now next to the “Customize” there are two icons which give you quick information about theme updates and posts.

After these sections, still on the left side of the Admin Bar is the “+ New” link. If you hover over this link, you will see a submenu that will quickly take you to the “Add New” screen for post, media, page and user. Although these things can also be done from the left navigation section of the dashboard in the Admin section, but this link provide you quick access for getting these tasks done quickly.

Now comes on the far right side of the toolbar, here you will see “Howdy, your name.” On hover over this section you will see the submenu having options to either “Edit your profile” or “Log out” of the site.

The WordPress Admin Bar Back End View

Once you logged into your admin section of your WordPress website, the Admin Bar is also visible to your backend section but with a little difference from the front end toolbar of your website.

The difference is, if you hover over website name name in the backend you will see option to “Visit your Site” and after clicking on this, you will be redirected to the front end of your website. while if you hove over the website name in the front end, you will see a list of menus of admin dashboard links that takes you to themes, customize, widgets, menus, background and header sections.

Ohhhhh. One more thing on the front end, this toolbar also have as search functionality. Look at the very right of the toolbar and you will find a magnifying glass icon. This icon provides search functionality. Click on this icon and search box will be opened and from here you can search anything you want. This search functionality search for the keywords in the all sections like post, pages etc.

How to Turn Off the WordPress Admin Bar

However most of the people find this WordPress admin toolbar very useful, but some people want to turn this Admin Bar off from the front end of the website. Remember, the WordPress Admin Bar is only visible to you when you’re logged in to your site.

To turn off this toolbar, click on the edit profile link. Now on the screen you will see a checkbox to show Toolbar while viewing website. Simply uncheck this box to turn this view off, then go to the bottom and click Update profile button.

If you return to the front end of our site, the WordPress Admin Bar will be no longer visible. If you want later that you’d like to turn the Admin Bar back on, just return to your edit profile and check the box to show the toolbar again.

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