PNR Status

PNR Status

What is PNR?

PNR i.e. Passenger Name Record. Is a unique 10-digit number which is provided against every train ticket booked across India. By PNR ticket holder can get the PNR Status and all information about the ticket. PNR is very useful in case ticket holder needs to check the current status as well

The PNR Status information have all the corresponding information about ticket reservation status and passenger i.e.

  • Name of the Passenger
  • Ticket details (Date of journey, Source station, destination station, berth number, quota, ID proof numbers, class of the ticket booked etc.)
  • Transaction detail.

. In case group booking is done, then a single PNR provided to a group of 6 passengers.

For example, if ticket has book for a gorup of 11 people then 2 PNR will be provided by diving people in 6 people group ie.

Group of 11 People =  group1(6 person), group2(5 person) i.e. 2 Unique PNR

How PNR number is Generated?

To generate PNR, you will have to fill your details form and submit the form online or by filling a reservation slip at any railway station. The reservation is complete after you provide valid personal details like

name of the passenger, type of berth, gender, age, etc. Once the reservation is done, you will get a unique number which is called PNR number for your ticket.


How to check IRCTC PNR status online?

To check PNR status online, follow these steps:

  1. First find the 10-digit PNR number on top left of your IRCTC train ticket.
  2. Now visit
  3. Enter the PNR No. of your ticket and click “Submit”.
  4. Your PNR Status will show up with information regarding your train ticket booking.

How to check PNR status via SMS?

To check PNR status by SMS –

  • Type “PNR (10-digit PNR Number)” and send it to 139.

Example: PNR 112233455
*Standard SMS charges would be applied.

How to predict confirmation chances for a reservation waiting ticket?

It is most common while booking a ticket on the Indian Railway network, you will get a waiting ticket. When all of the RAC seats are sold then the passengers are given Waiting List tickets.

If you are in the Waiting List then the chances of you getting a confirmed seat are if other passengers cancel their tickets. As the ticket cancellations increase your chance to get the confirmed ticket gets higher.

What is the validity of Indian Railways PNR Number?

The validity of Indian Railways PNR is only for the journey for which it had been generated means once the train reaches to the destination station the PNR is void(no use) and no other journey is possible with the same PNR.

But you will be surprised by knowing that the PNR lasts for a atleast 9 months in the record of Indian Railways after which the system flushes the PNR automatically.

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