How to make money online

How to make money online

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Friends in today’s life, we have so many expenses and only basic needs are being fulfilled within the fixed salary. We want to earn some extra money and we do not hesitate to put some extra efforts to make some extra source of income.
But most of us don’t know how can they make extra money. So friends today, i am available with a solution where you earn extra money.

How to make money online?

Friends there are so many ways available on the internet where by putting some efforts, you can earn handsome amount of money. Today i will tell you, one of the online methods available in which you can work from home and can get extra income.

So friends, Lets Start…

First of all we will know about the basic requirements need to work. Here we go..

Basic Requirements

To work online, there are three basic requirements need to fulfill.
        – Computer or any Smart Device
        – An Internet Connection
        – An active Bank Account where you will transfer your money.

Friends if you fulfill these three basic requirements then you can earn money online easily.

Till now i have told you that you can earn money online. Also told you about the basic requirements to work online. But didn’t told you yet, how can you earn money and  i am very sure everyone wants to know what is that way through which you can make money online.

So friends, the way through which you can make money online is “2Captcha“.

Now friends there are so many questions which can be strike in your mind like What is 2Captacha?, what specialization?,  you need to work with, How can we start working and most of them is What is Pricing/Payment Policy?

Please read the article till the end and i will make sure you get all the answers.

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a website that pays you money for solving captcha images containing numbers, alphabets etc. All you have to do is look at the images and type out the alphabets or numbers you see.

Specialization Needed

Yes, 2Captcha is where you can work for them and in returns they pay as per you work. Also to work with 2Captcha you do not need any kind of specialization or certification. The only requirement is, english readability.

A person who has basic knowledge of English can work with 2Captcha and can earn money.

Pricing Policy

Price for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs starts from $0.5.
The price grows with the system load: the more webmasters and the less workers are online, the higher is the bid for the CAPTCHA, automatically calculated by the system. The bid limit is set by the system and equals $1.2 for 1000 CAPTCHAs.

How to Start Working

To start work with 2Captcha. either search “2Captcha” on google or simply visit the URL

. Below page will be opened.

Now as you can see there are two options. You have to choose second one “Work for 2Captcha” and click on “Get Paid” button. After clicking on this button you will be redirected on the login page.

Here you can login if you are already a user and if not, there is an option to register.
So click on “Registration”  and you will redirected on the Registration Form page. Please fill all mandatory details and you will get registered as a worker. Make sure you fill your real details so as to verify your account.
After registration, just login into the website by login details and you will be redirected to the dashboard

Now click on the “Start Work” in the top menu bar. As you will be first time worker, 2Captcha will provide you a little bit training with various types of Captcha and you can learn how to fill and write the letters in the textbox. In this training you will have to fill 35- 40 Captchas.

To start training, click on “Start” and your training will get started.

After your training gets completed. You can start working to earn for yourself. No click again on “Start” menu item in the top menu bar. and you will have the below screen.

Start Working
This is the work dashboard where you can see how much you have earned for this session and how much Captchas you have solved till now.

Note: While entering Captcha, make sure you enter correct Captcha and if you are not sure skip the Captcha by clicking “This is not a Captcha” otherwise your account will be suspended, if you do mistake more frequently.

More you solve Captcha more you earn. Once you have enough amount of money in your 2Captcha Dashboard you can transfer your money into your account.

Hope you understand the whole process, how can you work for 2Captcha and earn money easily. Friends this is genuine method to earn money.

This is Lalit Signing off today.
I will catch you guys in the next one.

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