How to start WordPress blog – Step by Step

How to start WordPress blog – Step by Step

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Today i will tell you how to make your WordPress blog in few minutues.

So friends want to learn, how can you make your own WordPress blog in few minutes? Easy.

To make your own blog there are 3 key elements you need-
1- Domain
2- WebHosting
3- WordPress Installation.

How to start a WordPress blog

As i mentioned above, first and basic step is to find your domain name for your blog website which suits your blog niche.

Step 1: Finalize your blog’s Domain name.

This is very first step and looks very simple but believe me, this is the most crucial and time taking process to find a domain name. You can search availability of your domain name vial any hosting website like Net4, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

There are many web hosting providers but i will explain the whole process with goDaddy account.

To book a domain think a unique name and check its availability. To check domain availability, visit goDaddy website and type the domain name in the text as in the image below without any extension..

and after searching you will find the result if it is available or not.

Now after finalizing your domain name, Next step is get Web Hosting.

Step 2: Purchase your Web hosting package

Now friends, next step is to book web hosting, as i mentioned above i will describe the whole process with goDaddy.

so on the top menu of goDaddy website, you will see a menu item “Hosting”. Click on it and a submenu will appear, Where goDaddy is offering different kind of hosting and you can select which suits you.

As this we are talking about WordPress blog, i would prefer to go for WordPress hosting package. After clicking on it you will be redirected to the next page, where you can select hosting package as per your requirement.

Please see the image below:

After choosing the package you will be redirected to the next page. After clicking “Continue” on the page you will be redirected on next page where goDaddy is offering you a free domain to link with this hosting. See below image-

Now you have remembered, We had finalized the domain in the very first step. Write down your domain name in the textbox.

After that step goDaddy takes you the the payment page where goDaddy will ask you to login and you will have to fill some details. Make sure you fill your real details so as to verify your account. Now make payment and goDaddy will send you an email with all the details when your account is ready.

Now friends you have booked a domain as well as hosting. Next step is installing the WordPress.

Step 3: Installing the WordPress

So friends you have purchased your domain name and hosting package. After that you will get the access to something called a cPanel. This is the “engine” of your hosting and has dozens of different icons that link to all the different services and features that your hosting account is providing you.

At first look, it seems like little overwhelming but don’t worry, you can ignore most of them.

IMPORTANT: I am going to show you how to do a WordPress install by yourself but you can always ask goDaddy to do it for you.

Now scroll down the page until you find an icon called “WordPress” under “Web Applications” section.

After clicking on this icon, it will land you on the next page where you can initiate the installation process. See the image…

Fill out all the options making sure you use something unique as username (not admin) and password.

And you’re done!
Once it has finished the installation process, it will give you a confirmation screen showing your WordPress login URL that will look like this:

This is the URL of the admin section of your website where can write posts, create page, change themes and many more.

Now login to the admin section and here you can select the theme as per your choice.

That’s it!

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