Best Blog Description Tips: A way to successful blog

Best Blog Description Tips: A way to successful blog

Perhaps many of the bloggers who have just started the blogging do not know the importance of blog description till now.

Do you want to rank you website on 1st page?

Do you want to earn money from blogging?

Sorry You can not…

Surprise and Confused as well? I will tell you why?

Answer is Blog Description.

Many bloggers tell about the various factors to rank your website but nobody tells about the blog description which plays a major role in directing traffic to your website.

So first of all

What is Blog Description?

A blog description is short text of information just after the title on search result page which makes make or break decision.

ShoutMe360 blog description

By reading the blog description user gets idea about the page and on that basis user makes a decision to click on your website or leave..

Hope now you will get the importance of Blog Description.

So read this article to the end and you will get all information and tips about blog description and will help you get rank your website..

So let’s start now…

There are two types of blog descriptions

  1. Blog description: A description of your website shown under your blog’s homepage link.
  2. Blog post description: A description of what your blog post is about that is different for each of post in your website.
type of blog description

Now each type of blog description is of two types-

  1. Short description
  2. Long description
blog post description

Now you have got the overview of blog description.

Now refer the below table of content about the detailed information about the types of blog descriptions.

  1. How to write blog descriptions?
  2. Blog description examples
  3. How to write blog post descriptions?
  4. Tips For Impressive Blog Post Description
  5. How to optimize blog post description for a keyword?

How to write blog descriptions?

In blog description, you have to explain the niche in which you website is and what kind of information you will provide.

If you are using wordpress, there are so many SEO plugins like Yoast SEO  that help you add/edit homepage blog description as well as blog post description. The description you enter here will be visible under the website link and posts links on Google search.

In your blog description, you should include below points:

  • Explain your website niche.
  • Showcase your expertise.
  • Make some interesting description.
  • Tell about your brand
  • Your mission or vision statement

I hope you all have got the basic idea behind the blog description and well aware about the importance of the it.

Blog description examples

Till now I have told you all basics about the blog description but without example things take time to be clear so here I will show some best blogs of various niches.

Hope you’ll find it useful

Example #1: surejob

best blogs

Why it works? This is good because it describe the basis idea of the blog and expertise

Example #2: ShoutMeLoud

what is blog example

Why it works? This is good because it describes for whom the blog is and describes the niche as well.

Example #3: MoneyConnexion

blog description ideas

Why it works? This is good because it is telling finance planning and today everyone want a proper finance planning

 Example #4: Nerd Fitness

blog description example

Why it works? Fitness is very important for everyone but it seem very difficult to stay fit for average people. This blog targets the beginner or average people to help to stay fit.

Example #5: Backlinko

blog description examples

Why it works? This is good because this focuses on sharing the SEO techniques to grow website traffic.

How To Write Blog Post Description?

In post description, you have to write the brief information about the post.

Writing blog post description is very easy and you can easily get expertise of it.

If you are using WordPress and YoastSEO installed then you can easily write post description as mentioned in below screen

blog post description example

The highlighted section is call meta description which google shows under the website link. This description matter a lot in order to rank your website.

You should clearly described to your reader about the post. By this visitor clearly get an idea that this is information they are looking for.

Note: Always try to end your blog descriptions with call to action texts like:

  • Want to know more?
  • Here’s how to get it!
  • Here’s the forgotten secret!
  • Let’s see the shocking truth!

By this you provoke curiosity  in the mind of visitors to know more about the topic.

Tips for great blog post description

To write a pro like post description having high conversion rate, I am telling you some tips below. Follow these tips and you will notice, a great difference in visitors engagement

So here are some tips-

No More Than 160 characters – An ideal post description length is 160 characters so don’t use more the define character length

Use Focus Keyword – Always use you focus keyword in post description. By this visitors get an exact idea about the post.

Use Focus Keyword in Beginning – Always try to use you focus idea in the beginning. It helps visitor to know about you post in the beginning.

Add Call To Action –  Always try to use call to action words, as I mentioned in previous section, to increase higher change to get clicks in search engine result pages.

Be Unique – Always try to make your post description as unique as can because it make your post different than others.

So now you have get an idea about how can you write efficient and interesting post description

Now move to the next section..

How to Optimize Keyword In Blog Post Description?

To rank your website and get more visitor you must have add keywords in your description.

Also you should have use long tail keywords which have low competition. This will help in ranking you website fast.

Long tail keywords normally have low keyword difficulty and as a new blogger you will have to put less efforts to rank you post or website.

Now you know all about writing a good content. For tips regarding how to create a blog, you should also read..

One Request

I have tried my best to cover all the topics regarding post description Which will help you make a unique and professional post description. I have put so many efforts in writing this blog post to provide you latest and valuable information.

It will be very helpful for me, if you consider sharing it on social media networks.

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