Best Tips to Create Blog Posts to Index Quickly

Best Tips to Create Blog Posts to Index Quickly

Best Tips to Create Blog Posts to Index Quickly

Are you worried about that you are writing good content but these are not being index and converting. Then you are on right place. In this post, we will share some best tips to create blog posts to index quickly and get ranked.

You mostly see, you share your post with a huge number of people but most of them leave without reading it.

And the most painful thing is, most of the people who see your blog post whichever social media platform you use, never ever click on it. Isn’t it?

Actually you have very little time get attention of the viewer and convince them so that they click your post and read.

So you have to make sure that your efforts are not going waste.

And how will you get assure about it?

Don’t worry we will tell you some best practice tips that will help you writing a good blog posts that convert. And you will also get idea about blog writing format and how to write a blog about yourself so that you can make efficient blog post and get traffic at your website/article

1. Know your targeted audience

Know your targeted audience

It is very important to know you audience and what are they looking for,  before writing a blog post as this is the most important tip from our best tips to create blog post.

Instead of writing posts on the blind ideas or assuming any guess, do research before writing a post and  try to make data-driven decisions by doing industry research and competitor analysis.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t.

There are many online tools which can make life easier and help you in researching. Below are some popular tools This is a free tool that can help you to find some some of the most popular keywords searched by users in your industry and can start writing a blog.

Quora: A great resource to find questions folks in your industry are asking.

Twitter Advanced Search: This is also a very popular and simple tool. Just type your keyword and select the filter “questions” and it will list all the questions that people in your industry are asking.

SEMRush: It’s a paid tool but it works extremely well and allows you to spy on your competitors and check their best ideas.

2. Write Compelling Headlines

If you don’t have a interesting headline, then most probably there is good chance that your post will never get read or shared.

For example, Magazines and newspapers make compelling headline to increase the reader’s curiosity and that is how they grow their audience ratio.

That’s why blog post title is crucial for the success of that article.

So first of all you have to make interesting and compelling headline.

3. Add Subheadings and Shorter Paragraphs to Break up the Page

Formatting is very important for a blog pots. It is like nightmare to read a blog post having a long paragraph.

Most of the time people look the formatting of the content and then decide whether they have read it or not. So we always recommend breaking up your article with headings and subheadings.

You have to anything to look your post easy on the user’s eyes. It will help them to enjoy while reading your blog post.

It is very important to keep your paragraph length upto 2–3 lines of text, maybe 4 if something really needs explanation.

Important: Not all kinds of content can be created equal. Sometime you need to put some long paragraph as well. It depends upon the type on content like sometimes you want to read a book, so a lot of block text is fine. But blog posts are mostly different and so they are written to give quality information in a short amount of time.

In short. People are not here to read novels or watching movies. They need focused information as quickly as possible so manage/organize your information through heading and subheading.

Next tip is related to formatting as well…

4. Use Bullet Points

As In previous tip, I told you that it is human tendency that they look on the article before actually reading it. That means you need to make that article has information of their use and by that way, they can quickly see that your post is worth their time.

Along with subheadings, bullet lists are also perfect as they are actually easy to notice..

Below are some tips that you can use to write bullet points-:

  • Keep your bullets symmetrical. 1-2 lines each.
  • Avoid bullet clutter. Don’t write paragraphs in bullets.
  • Remember bullets are not sentences. They’re just like headlines.

Bullets points are excellent way to summarize a long paragraph for your audience and that keeps them coming back for more.

5. Add Images

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

We all know about this fact from our childhood. This works in the case of blog post as well. That’s why adding images can help boost your engagement.

There are tons of awesome free resources for finding high-quality royalty-free images.

So keep adding image in you article related to your content and it will help you to engage you audience

6. Optimize for SEO

Optimize for SEO in Tips to Create Blog

In the current scenario, you can never ignore the importance of SEO even when you have super excellent content and vice versa and SEO is the last but not the least tip from our best tips to create blog post

By the proper SEO your article can rank fast and that is why you are reading this post.

Google sends huge traffic for most of the website via organic searches.

There are many plugins and tool for SEO that can help you in SEO of you website like ahref, ubbersuggest etc.

Apart from these tool, below are some of the tips that we follow:

  • Add a proper meta title
  • Add a proper meta description
  • Optimize for focused keywords
  • Use related keyword variation
  • Add alt-text to your images
  • Embed internal links to your other content

So these are best tips to create blog posts with the help of them you can get ranked you blog post and get a huge traffic. Hope this will help you.


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