Adding Images in WordPress

Adding Images in WordPress

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Today we will learn, how to add an image in a Post in WordPress.

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So lets start…..

Using visual elements like photos and images in yours posts, make a great effect on reader and also increase the look and readability of your content. So let see, how can we add images/photos in your posts…

Adding Images in WordPress

1. First decide where you have to insert your image in your post.

2. In the Post editor toolbar, you will see an Add Media button. Click the Add Media button and you will see the Insert Media box. See Images below..

3. Your WordPress site uses a media library to store all of your media like images and videos. From this box, you can choose to either upload a new file or use an existing file from the media library. To upload an image, click the Select files button. Find the image you have to use and click open.

4. Now your image has been uploaded, you will see that it has been added to the media library. On the right side of this box, you will see the attachment details for this page. Here you can change the Title, Caption, Alt text and Description. You can also choose the alignment of the image, where the inserted image should link to, the actual URL of the image and the size of the image.

5. Make sure the image has a checkbox on top right corner and click the Insert into post button and you will see your image has been added to your post.

6. If you click on this image, you would see some boxes appear on the top of the image. First four for the alignment of the image and next two to edit and remove the image respectively.

7. By following the process you can add any number of images in you posts. Again click on Add Media button and follow the same process.

The featured image of the post is sometimes used by your WordPress theme. Featured images are mostly displayed as the main image of the post. Go ahead and choose this image as our featured image and return back to the post editor. Now, you can preview the post and see that our image has been added.

Hope this explains you enough about adding an image or photo in WordPress Posts.

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